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Key West Ghost Tours

Uncover the Mysteries of Key West

Key West’s Fascinating Past

Hear thrilling tales of restless spirits, haunted graveyards, and mysterious bars on a Key West ghost tour. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the mysteries of the island reveal themselves as your guide spills all the secrets about Key West’s fascinating past.

Visit the island’s oldest graveyard, use paranormal tools to capture sounds and images of spirits, and gain a better understanding of Key West’s forgotten residents and haunted locations.


Ghosts & Mysteries of Key West

Key West’s spooky side can perhaps be traced back to the 1500s when Spanish settlers first arrived on the island. They called it “Cayo Hueso,” which roughly translates to Bone Island. Some accounts attribute this to the appearance of the bleached limestone rock of the island, while others point to the presence of scattered Native American bones along the shore. Either way, this creepy name certainly sets the stage for a Key West ghost tour.

You won’t forget this evening of chilling tales. From the original home of the haunted Robert the doll, to a famous building once used as a morgue, it seems every corner of Key West’s old town has a story to share. There’s the haunted Pan-Am Airways Ticket Office and a particular bar that animals won’t go near… for good reason. State-of-the-art ghost hunting equipment helps to reveal the island’s darkest secrets. Past tour guests have even felt a poke or grab from some hidden presence in the shadows. Reserve your spot on a Key West ghost tour and discover the island’s many mysteries for yourself.

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