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Key West Dolphin Tours

Dolphin Watching in the Florida Keys

A Must-Do Activity in Key West

Key West’s warm, aquamarine waters are teeming with friendly bottlenose dolphins! These aquatic mammals tend to travel in pods of 10-30 dolphins, and the island has a very active dolphin population for you to see.

Watching these intelligent animals jump and spin around your boat is an unforgettable experience and a must-do activity in Key West. Once you’ve seen a dolphin pirouette out of the water, you’ll want to watch these fascinating creatures again and again. Learn more about the dolphin boat tours we offer.


Key West Dolphin Watching

Our tour operators are intimately familiar with the local dolphin population and know just where to find them. They’ll take you to places like the one referred to by locals as “Dolphin Playground Key West,” where dolphins are known to feed and socialize, making for quite the show. You can try to capture these magnificent marine creatures on camera, but your time is better spent living in the moment and enjoying the activity happening before your eyes. The bottlenose dolphin isn’t the only species you’ll find in Key West. You might also see spinner, spotted, and Risso’s dolphins. Ask your guide how to tell these dolphins apart!

One of the best parts of booking a Key West dolphin tour is that you can combine your experience with other quintessential island activities like swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. Spend the whole day at sea doing all of your favorite water activities with friends and family.

Learn more about our dolphin boat tours and book online today.

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