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Key West Kayak Tours

Paddle Key West

Incredible Scenery and Marine Life

Key West is an ocean lover’s paradise, with warm, crystal-clear waters and beautiful destinations for kayaking and paddle boarding. Incredible scenery and marine life make for an exciting paddling experience, with opportunities to spot dolphins, sea turtles, and colorful fish swimming beneath you.

From paddle board yoga to mangrove kayak eco tours, Key West offers invigorating paddling tours and equipment rentals for the whole family.


Key West Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

The natural beauty that surrounds Key West is best explored by kayak or paddle board! Rent everything you need to enjoy a day in the sun or embark on a guided tour for a more immersive experience. Unspoiled landscapes, diverse marine ecosystems and calm water make Key West one of the best places in the Florida Keys to go kayaking. Flats and mangrove islands are thrilling places to kayak or SUP… you never know what you’ll see beneath your vessel. Tropical fish, jellyfish, sea cucumbers, star fish, and crabs are just a few of the marine critters you might encounter as you paddle in mere inches of water through winding mangrove tunnels.

Beyond the Key West backcountry, the island’s sandy beaches offer countless places to launch your kayak or paddle board and spend some time on the water, with endless opportunities to hop out and go for a swim. Kayaking and paddleboarding are some of the most accessible water sports, and even young kids or people with no experience can join in on the fun.

Browse Key West kayak and SUP tours below and reserve your board or kayak today!

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